Mixing Glass: Gin and Tonic


As sun and sweltering  humidity hit the Midwest region during the peak of summer, mixology connoisseurs often turn to the lighter and brighter side of spirits to quench their thirst. Although rum is often thought of as the natural choice for warmer weather, there is nothing quite like the satisfying sunburst of bright citrus flavors of a classical Gin and Tonic rolling around the palate on a humid afternoon.

While sailors of bygone eras may have had their fair share of the sugarcane-based spirit, gin was incredibly popular during the 18th century. The juniper and herbal notes of the spirit, combined with the eventual introduction of tonic to wash down quinine, became a classic cocktail used to prevent scurvy and other illnesses.

Several hundred years later, Coppercraft Distillery has given new life to an old cocktail by incorporating the citrus peels of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits to bring out the brightness of its normally earthy-toned herbal gin. The cocktail also features Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic, which is a quinine concentrate, and is then finished with a splash of club soda to leave a lingering trace of carbonation.

Upon sipping the well-balanced and surprisingly sweet cocktail, it is easy to see why team members at Coppercraft fondly refers to it as a sailor’s drink at heart.

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