Living in history

Featured in Volume 1: Issue 2 Chicago’s Wright Plus 150 brings modern day living and historical architecture together for a unique experience in Oak Park, Illinois. Later this month, nine private residences will open their doors allowing visitors and architectural...Read More

Illustrating spaces

Straight Line Design’s team of professional designers and staff carry their company motto with them every time they walk into a new client meeting. “Our tagline is ‘it’s your home, make it great,’” said Randy Ruter, owner of Straight Line...Read More

An architectural movement

[caption id="attachment_543" align="alignright" width="300"] Mezzanine Detroit Opera House, supplied by Albert Kahn Architects[/caption] An organization takes steps toward raising public awareness about architecture throughout the state.   Since 1957 the Michigan Architectural Foundation has dedicated its efforts to promoting and...Read More

Modern Legacy

A historic preservation initiative is opening the pages on Michigan’s storied role with modernism. Michigan, while recognized for its prowess in shaping the automobile and furniture-making industries, is not often credited for its integral role in influencing modern design and...Read More

Wood canvas

A family-owned company in the region brings unique hardwood flooring and staircase solutions to residential and commercial spaces. There is a classic elegance to hardwoods. Its timeless appearance, durability, and functional performance add warmth and style to a home. While...Read More

The architect planners

A Grand Rapids-based firm builds with client relationships and traditionally-based style. Since its establishment in 1995, Sears Architects has worked with private homeowners, historic residential associations, private developers and joint-venture partnerships to create visually stunning and award-winning residential and commercial...Read More