Among the stars

When the Capitol Theatre Building was completed in 1928, it not only epitomized the atmospheric style that would come to define John Eberson’s architectural career, but also was the largest theater in Flint, Michigan and among the Butterfield Theatre chain’s...Read More

Boutique beacon

By R.J. Weick In 1893, Chicago dazzled the world with its display of architecture, industry, and innovation. It was the year in which the White City received its moniker as neoclassical-inspired buildings were meticulously constructed and designed for the World’s...Read More

Element of beauty

It was only a few short years ago when the sights and sounds of bustling twentieth century summer life in Walloon Lake Village had faded to a distant memory. Time and consecutive years of declining tourism had all but muffled...Read More

Lofted clubhouse

A golf resort is adding a new clubhouse on par with its on-the-shore view. High above the shoreline of Torch Lake in northern Michigan, A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort’s clubhouse has stood watch over a panoramic view boasting of sprawling Independence Bentgrass...Read More