Functional art

While a return to modern and a look to contemporary design has taken hold of the industry in more recent years, there is a luxury home furnishings company in Grand Rapids, Michigan—Joseph Jeup Inc.—that has emerged as a high-end, couture...Read More

Robert Sears

Owner, Principal | Sears Architects Grand Rapids, Michigan Robert Sears, owner of the boutique architecture and planning firm known as Sears Architects, considers himself lucky. “I knew what I wanted to do. So many people don’t have a passion or...Read More

Art of furniture

A designer’s passion and work in the furniture industry continues to take form. [caption id="attachment_691" align="alignright" width="300"] Designer - Dave Campbell[/caption] Dale H. Campbell, award-winning furniture designer and industry veteran, has a saying when it comes to the original lounge...Read More

Technical creativity

In a design rich environment, Mathison | Mathison Architects is continuing the architectural heritage of modernism in Michigan. The Grand Rapids-based, full-service firm specializes in bringing the modern aesthetic into educational, high-end residential, commercial, and civic design. Great Lakes By...Read More