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    Humboldt GMT

    Designed for the everyday adventurer, the Humboldt GMT is the latest release in Oak & Oscar LLC’s line of Humboldt watches. Its slick design, highly adjustable bracelet, and advanced technology makes this watch a fit for multiple lifestyles and settings. An elevated take on the Humboldt 12-hour, this watch features a GMT complication and 24-hour bezel, allowing its user to keep track of three time zones at once. Incorporating a new anti-shock and anti-magnetic enclosure, and internal systems like a Faraday cage and rubber stabilizer, the Humboldt GMT is designed to neutralize the electromagnetic fields people regularly encounter, as well as reduce the rate of impact and rebound from bumps…

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    Storied time

    The history of the wristwatch is a storied one. Even before the creation of sundials in ancient civilizations across the globe—Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, Greek, and Islamic—when time was told through shadow-lengths, there has been gravitation toward associating time with memory, place, and people. The watch, as a tool, has played a vital role in the human experience, whether in organizing political and social assemblies, military campaigns, and in marking great creative and scientific achievements by the men—and women—of science, philosophy, astronomy, architecture, and exploration.  For Chase Fancher, founder, and John Hatherly, creative director, at Oak & Oscar LLC in Chicago, Illinois, a well-designed watch speaks to more than solely its…