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    From the clay

    Inspired by her experience working in agriculture, Carrie Hause, owner and artist of Held Ceramics in southeastern Michigan, shapes uniquely textured pottery reflective of the natural world. Her work is also informed by a pottery educational background from Pewabic Pottery, a working pottery and National Historic Landmark pottery founded in Detroit in 1903, and its ceramic arts classes; and from Oakland Community College courses in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It is this combination of ceramic education and agricultural work that has led Hause to cultivate a small business driven by functional works of art that nurture plant life. “I like to use some unique surface textures. All my work is plant-focused…

  • Vispring Sublime 4 courtesy Chicago Luxury Beds
    Creative Endeavors,  Featured

    The new restful

    The craft and curation of a restful, residential atmosphere is often a foundational priority for design professionals, and in many ways, it has become even more relevant with a global pandemic as new stressors on the body and mind arrive at home in lockdown. Along with a changing notion of home, one valuable resource—sleep—has changed as well. Interior design professionals and suppliers strive to respond accordingly, with new and longtime clients reaching out for assistance in maximizing both the rest and production value of their homes-turned-offices and bedrooms-turned-respites. Within this industry, both Amy Kartheiser Design of Evanston, Illinois and Chicago Luxury Beds in Chicago have made careers out of creating…