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    Great Lakes By Design: In Scene

    Contents:   Design Corner Thea 
the artistic and minimalist table designed by Versteel in collaboration with Roberto Lucci Epoxy tables 
a series of custom coffee tables from repurposed, fallen beech and oak trees Design Spotlight Behind the camera 
in conversation about craft with some of the photographers in the region Form Beautifully designed 
a Chicago-based interior designer who has paired artistic craft with business acumen as an entrepreneur with a deft eye for interior architecture The museum school 
a former museum site in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan is transformed into an innovative public school concept The beachfront aerie 
a renovation of a waterfront cottage into an open and bright modern beach home by the collaborative…

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    Great Lakes By Design: Enriched Motif

    Contents:   Design Corner Clearwater: a fabrics collection inspired by Venetian waters and sunlight Priveé: the lounge seating collection defined by fabric canopies and nest-like armrests LeanTo: an ergonomic and integration solution for those seeking an escape from the norm HALO: the office solution integrating Halcon’s signature HALO edge Quantum: high-performance textiles designed for the commercial environment GAIT: an office system of versatility and customization Oblique + Chevron: architectural glass inspired by artistry in traditional medieval churches Flourish: the free-hanging living wall designed to energize interiors Roam: a sleek, versatile system of mobility intended to empower teamwork Inspireed showroom: Indiana Furniture: sparking inspiration at NeoCon 2019   Design Spotlight Craft…

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    Sophy serenade

    In the early decades of the 1900s, Hyde Park, Chicago hospitality was illustrated by its hotels of grand, architectural statement. The Sherry, The Flamingo, The Shoreland, and Del Prado had reputations for not only welcoming local residents and visitors alike, but also for hosting renowned figures such as Duke Ellington, Amelia Earhart, Elvis Presley, Eleanor Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, and Yogi Berra to imbibe in the cultural, artistic, and intellectual tour-de-force social epicenter along the shores of Lake Michigan. It was—and remains—a South Side Chicago neighborhood whose soul is deeply rooted in diversity and a celebration for arts, music, literature, science, and knowledge. Its landscape is a rich fabric…

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    Dream boat

    Water, in its many forms, could be considered a first and final frontier. A fundamental element of survival, its freshwater bodies are a priceless resource and have led to vast, complex cities developed at its shorelines. Its waterways have proven to be vital conduits for the transportation of commercial goods and services, and in the Great Lakes region, offer a sprawling, interconnected aquatic playground for recreational boating elements. In Manitowoc, Wisconsin, there is a company that has built a legacy of designing and building custom, handcrafted vessels since the mid-1800s with the launch of small 20-to-30-foot fishing boats for local commercial fishermen. For the next 156 years, the company would…

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    A royal renovation

    In Evanston, Illinois—a city defined by its tree-lined sidewalks and collection of homes—architecture is a diverse language. Beaux-Arts, Prairie, Italianate, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Queen Anne are dialects spoken across intersections and around block corners, passing down their stories through iconic massing, decorative ornamentation, gables, brick and stone, gently sloped rooflines, and the occasional tower or turret. In the renovation of this particular Queen Anne residence, a style known for its irregular roof shapes, bay windows, dramatic massing, and multiple gables and dormers, the homeowners envisioned a design respectful of the heritage in its walls and wove in dynamic elements reflective of their young family lifestyle. Once the home…

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    Revived colonial

    “When you work in older homes, whether [people] are going to keep the same essence or want to be a little avant-garde—do something transitional or modern on the inside, but maintain the outside— there is stuff going on in that house from the past. Most people like to find out what is going on, and we kind of disassemble and reassemble—it is a great experience,” said Michael Menn, AIA, CGR, CAPS, CGP, principal architect at Michael Menn Ltd. in Northbrook, Illinois. Michael Menn Ltd. is an architectural and planning firm providing design-and-build services to clients throughout Chicago’s North Shore and the greater Phoenix, Arizona areas. The private practice was initially…

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    Great Lakes By Design: Crafted Lodging

    Contents: Design Corner Dash the new high-performing and minimalist lighting solution by Steelcase Inc. Design Spotlight Publishing House a historic building in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood is reimagined as a refuge of modern hospitality and vintage design Dream boat the Wisconsin-based company that has built a legacy of designing and building custom, hand-crafted vessels since the mid-1800s Form A royal renovation a Queen Anne residence in Evanston, Illinois receives a respectful redesign Design to live the design-and-build company delivering client-driven custom projects, interior design services, and turn-key solutions Timeless welcome the award-winning, full-service, residential interior design studio headquartered in Minneapolis founded in creating a sense of timeless welcome Revived colonial…

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    Modern lodge

    Reposed on a cresting dune, this contemporary, coastal lodge is built for the drama of the offshore shoals, turbulent weather, and proud lighthouses that line the Lake Michigan waterscape. It is a home whose beauty is in its implied simplicity, honest materials, and integrated design; where its rich tones are matched only by its memories as a family reprieve in a meaningful setting. Designed by Douglas DeHaan and built by the team of DeHaan Homes in Hudsonville, Michigan and Studio K Creative in Chicago, Illinois, this modern lodge is one of purposeful understatement and custom luxury. Its site, while challenging the buildability with about 100-foot-width, is intentional as it neighbors…

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    Redefining space

    In today’s world, technology has become as inherent as it is prolific in enhancing and executing tasks in both the personal and professional life. Residential hardware and office workplaces have become smart and intuitive, relieving subliminal burdens from homeowners and employees as they continue their daily routine. Software applications, processes, and entire industries push the boundaries of what is possible; and at the intersection of this art and science, creative digital agencies are leveraging the cutting-edge technology to craft moments of connection between people and brands, ultimately weaving next-generation digital-branded experiences into physical landscape. “We are an experiential tech company. We create custom experiences in emerging technologies like virtual reality,…