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Great Lakes By Design: Raising The Bar

Design Corner

Alexander Girard, Architect – author and adjunct associate professor weaves a comprehensive story about the textile visionary considered by some as an unknown pioneer in midcentury design

Heirloom Houses – writer and designer presents an architectural monograph of 15 beautifully crafted homes by Wade Weissman Architecture Inc.

Mad Scientist Table – a set of adaptive tables inspired by the modern day mad scientist

Medium Duffle – the chic, denim-inspired version of the classic duffle bag 

Design Spotlight

Regal luxury – the newest addition to the Buick sub-brand fleet of sleek, luxury-trimmed vehicles

The agrihood – the mixed-use development project designed as a green sanctuary in Chicago’s West Loop Gateway neighborhood

Iron and ivory – an Ontario-based interior design firm bringing their signature approach embracing architectural principles to commercial and residential spaces 


Barbershop lounge – the global interior design, development, and fabrication firm that lent its bold and signature approach to bring a unique concept to the Midwest

The celebrated home – the residential project that became a labor of love and search for serenity nearly a decade in the making

The woven coastal cottage landscape – the Glen Lake residential project carefully blended into the landscape by the collaborative team of Eastmark Construction, Wefing Design Studio, Robinson’s Landscaping and Nursery, A Better Sound, and Guerin Montgomery Interior Design Inc.

Building hope – the growing nonprofit and publicly funded residential community designed to provide residents impacted with autism full, active lives


Curated kinship – the culinary and hospitality experience built on kinship and redefining travel

Motion in choreograph – the health and wellness resort hub pushing the urban club programmatic envelope 


The grand belle – the restaurant welcoming guests with a statement in the fashion of grand old estates

Riverfront kitchen – the upscale casual restaurant engaging the riverfront in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Creative Endeavors

Tactile language – the international textile house and fabric source celebrating its 50th collection of innovative, eco-friendly, high-performance, and durable textiles

Painted expression – the mixed-media-artist and Detroit-native leaving his artistic mark in spaces and public places across the country

On the cover:
Jim Rose, sports anchor at ABC Channel 7 in Chicago, and Lakesha Rose, founder of L Rose Interior Design.  Photo By Katrina Wittkamp

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