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Kevin Buccellato, AIA, NCARB

Kevin Buccellato, Architect, Partner | Buccellato Design, LLC South Bend, Indiana

“My parents did a small addition when we were growing up. I was the youngest of three boys and I was always the one that would sit through the meetings with the architect,” said Kevin Buccellato, AIA, NCARB, architect and partner at Buccellato Design LLC in South Bend, Indiana. “It was fascinating to me, pouring over his blueprints, and meanwhile living in the house as that small kitchen addition was being built was really probably a pretty formative experience for me.”

Buccellato has had nearly two decades of experience practicing in the field of architecture and spent about 10 of those years establishing and growing Buccellato Design’s award-winning portfolio with partner-and-wife Aimee P.C Buccellato, LEED AP. While he noted he had always been drawn to the arts—painting and drawing—and only applied to schools with architecture programs, Buccellato wasn’t sure if it would end up being a career he was going to pursue—that is, until he began studying it.

“Understanding how architects impacted lives and culture over time, and how the built world continues to impact the way that we live and the way that we interact, is something that continues to appeal to me,” Buccellato added.

When it comes to design and its practice, Buccellato noted architects are, by their very nature, problem solvers, an in many respects have to speak a lot of different languages while moving from initial concept and construction to final product—all the while understanding a client’s needs, one’s own personal goals, to exceed expectations.

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To learn more about Buccellato visit their site, buccellatodesign.com