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Great Lakes By Design: In Flight


Design Corner 

  • Stingray | The all-new, mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe and Convertible is born of the wind tunnel and a more than 60-year-old dream
  • Leather Works | The handcrafted, American-made accessories and apparel shop based in Minnesota

Design Spotlight

  • Street smart | Milwaukee reintroduces the original rideshare method—the streetcar—to its urban transit program
  • Refreshing Bottleworks | The former Coca-Cola bottling plant located on the edge of Indianapolis’ entertainment corridor is being refreshed as a vibrant, 12-acre mixed-use urban district
  • Corktown station | Michigan Central Station in Detroit has entered a transformative new chapter of renovation as Ford Motor Company re-envisions the landmark as the centerpiece to an innovation hub of mobility


  • The custom build in the Great Lakes wild | Waterfront towns throughout the Great Lakes have been a siren song for those eager to escape city life and in northern Michigan, two builders are adding their narrative to the overall regional design story
  • Urban cottage | The Cottage Company of Harbor Springs and Cottage Company Interiors delivers a modern take on the traditional cottage representing the next generation of cottage for the company
  • A deep dive | A dark and daring Chicago condo is transformed by an interior design studio embracing natural inquisitiveness and human-centered design


  • Pier design | Toronto Pearson International Airport continues to lay a foundation as a globally connected airport to meet passenger and tenant needs by investing in a new pier
  • Flight plan | Detroit Metropolitan Airport continues work on a massive improvement project to reconstruct one of its major runways and associated taxiways


  • Flavor and memory | The restaurant where an adventure of spirits has led to an overall curated experience from grain and glass to shared moments at the table

Creative Endeavors

  • The tech effect | How the technology industry—and its innovation—has impacted the design of workspaces
  • Jet, in style | The midwestern aviation services firm transforming dreams into jetted realities


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featured image
The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray | Chevrolet | GM

Pier G: Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ontario, Canada.
Photo courtesy Greater Toronto Airports Authority






Editor’s note: Transportation, aviation, and construction statistics and schedules reflect pre-Coronavirus outbreak estimates and reports.