• Glen Arbor Art Center
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    Gallery in the woods

    A well-travelled summer destination in northern Michigan, the small but vibrant township of Glen Arbor rests in the crook of Lake Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Bay, offering walkable shoreline and sunsets second-to-none, and thick pockets of forested areas that cool active summer months. It is one of these areas a gem of revived architectural prowess sits.  The Glen Arbor Arts Center, formerly the Glen Arbor Art Association is a unique, multi-dimensional space between a nature preserve and the commercial center of town. Its original building had housed several programs from gallery exhibitions and lectures to art classes for several age groupings and even an art residency program; in all, an enduring…

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    Revived colonial

    “When you work in older homes, whether [people] are going to keep the same essence or want to be a little avant-garde—do something transitional or modern on the inside, but maintain the outside— there is stuff going on in that house from the past. Most people like to find out what is going on, and we kind of disassemble and reassemble—it is a great experience,” said Michael Menn, AIA, CGR, CAPS, CGP, principal architect at Michael Menn Ltd. in Northbrook, Illinois. Michael Menn Ltd. is an architectural and planning firm providing design-and-build services to clients throughout Chicago’s North Shore and the greater Phoenix, Arizona areas. The private practice was initially…

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    Sarah Bourgeois, AIA

    Sarah Bourgeois, AIA, architect and owner of Sarah Bourgeois Architects in Traverse City, Michigan considers design as well-thought out, having proportion and scale, and a convergence of a lot of moving parts—but whether it is a good design or bad design, and what makes it so, is often in the eye of the beholder. “There are rules we start off with and ideas are often driven by clients—there are a lot of outside forces—but can it stand the test of time?” Bourgeois said. While officially launching her own venture in Traverse City around 2010, Bourgeois has had more than 20 years of commercial and residential experience. Sarah Bourgeois Architects has…