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    Behind the camera:
    Julia Auerbach Photography

    Photography has been an important tool in documenting the human experience since early experiments in the heliograph and daguerreotype captivated both innovator and subject alike nearly two centuries ago. It is an art and practice in visual communication; both objective and subjective in recording the cultural, social, and natural world.  It is a craft that is arguably one of the most significant inventions since the printing press, with genres and artistic styles that run the gamut from objective photo-journalism and montage portraiture to abstract landscapes and naturalistic architecture.  Great Lakes By Design Magazine spoke with some of the photographers in the region to learn more about their work, inspiration, and…

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    RADA spotlight

    Text: R.J. Weick The 18th annual Residential Architect Design Awards highlights two firms in the Great Lakes region. Residential design is a dynamic field that often stretches across multiple architectural typologies and can push the boundaries of what has been historically, or collectively, considered a home. While each firm’s process is nuanced and plays to the strengths of each creative and technical team, there is a dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and delivering livable solutions for clients. Architect Magazine, a monthly publication of the American Institute of Architects, has recognized the outstanding work in advancing residential design for the last 18 years with its annual awards program known as the Residential…

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    Finished luxury

    Text: R.Collins The Minnesota-based company known for pushing the solid surface envelope continues its legacy by offering innovative finish options and expanded designs—and its Michigan-based partner is bringing it to the table. Since entering the quartz market in 2000, Cambria has been changing the functionality and style of kitchens worldwide. Founded by the Davis family and known for producing and engineering natural quartz in the United States, the company has recently introduced two additions to the kitchen design market: a new breakthrough surface finish option known as Cambria Matte and an expanded Marble Collection with five new designs. For years a glossy marble countertop—such as Cambria’s standard Cambria High Gloss—could be…