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    Ted Lott, AIA, LEED AP

      Lott3Metz Architecture LLC Owner, Principal Grand Rapids, Michigan There is a moment in good design when a bell tone rings out pure and true as the nuanced elements of form, function, and context come together to make a project truly sing. It is in this instance, which may not happen every day or in every project, that Ted Lott, AIA, LEED AP, owner and principal at Lott3Metz Architecture LLC in Grand Rapids, Michigan finds moments of joy. “Design is a form of communication. It certainly is a language that can be used coarsely or elegantly, and there is certainly a commodity aspect to it, which is often times in…

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    James D. Nordlie, AIA

    Archiventure Group PC Architects President Harbor Springs, Michigan | Denver, Colorado “The first line is never sacred. Design is a process and it is fighting the battle of mediocrity, insensitivity, and laziness. Design is the challenge of overcoming all of those obstacles for an inspirational and positive result,” said James D. Nordlie, AIA, president of Archiventure Group PC in Denver, Colorado and Harbor Springs, Michigan. “The fight is to not allow the appreciation for design to get lost in the speed of time and budgets. Our fight everyday is to find truth in design and make it have social responsibility as there are so many problems that are facing our…

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    Dennis Reckley, RA

    SVB + Reckley Architects Architect, Chief Executive Officer Holland, Michigan Dennis Reckley, RA, architect and chief executive officer of SVB + Reckley Architects in Holland, Michigan realized his passion for design amid the ice cliffs and island mountains of Anvers Island near the Antarctic Peninsula while stationed at the South Pole as a Navy Seabee in the United States’ Navy Construction Battalion. It was there, where Nathaniel B. Palmer became the first American to record sighting the continent in 1820 aboard the Hero, Reckley’s affinity for construction and carpentry shaped into something more while building the Antarctic Palmer Research Station, a housing and research facility for scientists and other personnel.…

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    John F. Spalding, RA, AIA, NCARB

    Spalding Design Group LLC Architect, Partner Mishawaka, Indiana | Tequesta, Florida To John F. Spalding, architect and partner at Spalding Design Group, LLC, design is a collaborative effort that involves client and architect, as well as a host of talented and trusted designers and trade professionals who contribute insightful input to the multi-faceted design build process. This philosophy is the backbone of Spalding Design Group and is supported by a team of designers whose dedication runs deep. “Design is a continually evolving process. Each project is created from a preliminary schematic design, but there are many people involved in successfully perceiving a client’s vision. The client and the designers, as…

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    In the redevelopment of a historic and lakefront treasure on the western edge of Lake Michigan, Navy Pier Inc. unveiled a bold, comprehensive plan that repositioned Chicago’s Navy Pier as an ever-evolving “People’s Pier” for the 21st century and re-envisioned the landmark as an iconic destination and vibrant civic space. It called for the renovation and enhancement of existing structures and green spaces, a new strategic direction for the venue as it entered its second century, and a re-imagining of its hospitality scene that has led to the design-and-build of its first boutique hotel and a Guinness World RecordsTM title for the world’s largest rooftop bar. Known as Offshore, Navy…

  • dSPACE Studio LLC - Architects feature - Great Lakes By Design
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    Kevin Toukoumidis, AIA

    dSPACE Studio Ltd. LEED Founding Principal Chicago, Illinois | Saugatuck, Michigan There is power in architecture. It is rooted in its innate ability to reflect connections between the human experience and the built landscape, as well as its surrounding environment. It is in this intentional and deft combination of art and science that design can tell a compelling story, and for Kevin Toukoumidis, AIA, LEED, founding principal at dSPACE Studio Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois, it is a tool to connect clients with their home. “I think architecture is powerful. It can change lives and impact your experiences and how you feel. It is not just about steel and glass—it’s about…

  • GLBD - Private Residence | Seven Generations Architecture and Engineering LLC
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    Designed for generations

    From a collaborative, interactive design approach transforming architecture at the speed of ideas, to its status as a Tribally-Owned, 8(a) and HUBZone certified, and Small Disadvantaged Business, Seven Generations Architecture and Engineering LLC is a unique business in its small hometown of Kalamazoo and state of Michigan. The firm was founded in 2012 by Mno-Bmadsen, the independent, non-gaming investment arm of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, and has since more than tripled in size and expanded into a headquarters in Kalamazoo’s historic River’s Edge District, on the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary lands of the Anishinabek. So far, the Seven Generations portfolio includes multi-million-dollar contracts in federal, state, municipal, commercial, and…

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    Will to rise

    It is often said art is expression, where it can take on the language of communication, the catharsis of introspection, and the function of conduits for societal commentary. The role of art throughout time and communities has been an important one that continues to lend voice not only to the artist, but also to emotion, collective memory, and ideals. There is a power in the medium, where abstract, realistic, and symbolic—with its inherent ability to move audiences—have invited onlookers on a journey of reflection, disruption, and inspiration. For Jenny Vyas, contemporary fine artist based in Chicago, Illinois, whose art is influenced by the beautiful complexity of the human condition, art—particularly…

  • The Michigan Adirondack lodge, Torch Lake, Kalkaska County, Bespoke Homes LLC, Via Design Inc., Francesca Owings Interior Design LLC, Photography courtesy Jeff Tippett
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    The Michigan Adirondack lodge

    Found near Torch Lake along the Rapid River in Kalkaska County, this nearly 5,500-square-foot family retreat is an authentic portrait of Adirondack Style architecture set on nearly 400 acres of natural landscape. Inspired by the vernacular of the Lake Placid Lodge and the National Historic Landmarked Great Camps in New York, this secluded residential home is similarly designed as a gathering place and an escape for family and friends.  It is a style characterized by its use of natural elements, such as whole, split, or peeled logs, roots, and burls, complemented by native granite fieldstone and massive fireplaces, and displays of Swiss Chalet, Shingle Style, and Arts and Crafts elements.…