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Oji Masanori x Mjölk

Solid brass and soft light are the main ingredients in this delicate light fixture created by the Japanese industrial designer Oji Masanori. The Diamond Pendant lamp was conceived for the Toronto-based lifestyle shop and gallery, Mjölk, as part of an exclusive collection, and it was handcrafted by artisans in the city. Fundamentally, the pendant recalls Masanori’s careful attention to form, proportion, and even utility in housewares design. A solid brass pulley and counterweight matching the light’s conic cover plate allows the nine-foot cord to be moved and adjusted vertically, and the fogged casing emits a diffused, calming glow.

Masanori, who is CEO of the studio Oji & Design, is largely informed by the history of industrial crafts while his designs are simultaneously projected into the future of the industry. The resulting products, from cutlery and dining ware to an elegant bottle opener and stationary trays, fall in step with the Mjölk brand, which is inspired by daily ritual, and emphasizes functionality, craftsmanship, and timelessness.

Masanori has designed a variety of goods for Mjölk throughout the course of their partnership, and another in this exclusive collection is the Earth & Moon serving and cutting board, designed for resting roasts, steak, or vegetables. The deep grooves in the perimeter of the main wood board—representing the sun— collect runaway juices, and the pocket at the end—the mood—holds ingredients like salt for seasoning at the table.

Mjölk is a lifestyle shop and gallery founded by the husband-and-wife team of John and Juli Baker located in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario. The gallery collaborates with artists and artisans from Scandinavia and Japan to create product collections, which are then produced locally by talented craftspeople in Toronto.


Text: R. Collins | Senior Staff Writer

Photography: Mjölk