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    Design Your World

    In an industry-moving initiative, the International Interior Design Association, or IIDA, has completed the pilot program for its new Design Your World initiative, which will, eventually, engage nationwide groups of high school students with design interests in an inspiring design curriculum backed by a selection of industry leaders and professionals. Design Your World is a partnership between the IIDA and After School Matters, or ASM, both nationally reaching organizations invested in inclusive educational opportunities. Together, and in alliance with presenting sponsor OFS, and supporting sponsors 3form, Mannington Commercial, and Configura, the organizations produced Design Your World’s pilot program for high school students in Chicago to grant educational design opportunities while…

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    The tile experience

    Since its founding in 1928, Virginia Tile Company has become a leading distributor of domestic and imported tile in the Midwest, representing the finest manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. From its two distribution hubs, one in Livonia, Michigan and the other in Kansas City, Kansas, the company services 14 states with its premier selections of porcelain, stone, glass, ceramic, mosaic, and, in some regions, flooring and woodworking products. The company has long served the building supply industry and fulfilled the needs of residential and commercial customers nationwide. Recently, it announced the introduction of a new flagship location in Troy, Michigan, that will open on August 16, 2021, as a…

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    Gallery Walk

    “The annual RNDD Gallery Walk brings the local community, artists, and interior designers together in an inviting, unpretentious way. This enables the designers and artists to collaborate and showcase their highest levels of creativity, while interacting with the public via education and inspiration,” said Daniel Kinkade, founder and president of Daniel Kinkade Fine Art, a Chicago-based company that works to serve as a liaison between artists and collectors. Kinkade, an art consultant, has assisted in recruiting and curating artists to be a part of the 6th annual River North Fall Gallery Walk, which will take place on September 10 and September 11, 2021. This year’s event will feature 25 artists…

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    Design Corner: Eucalyptus

    Earlier this spring, Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor, Michigan released one of its latest handcrafted tile additions: the 4-by-12-inch Eucalyptus art tile, which depicts the gentle draping and verdant growth of Eucalyptus trees in the Pacific Northwest. Motawi, an eclectic art and installation tile crafter, is known for its intricate, handmade tiles inspired by painters, illustrators, lithographers, and designers, from Frank Lloyd Wright and Charley Harper to the letterpress and block printer Yoshiko Yamamoto, whose prolific work in the Arts and Crafts style inspired the addition of Eucalyptus. “Arts and Crafts is a favorite style of mine, and Yoshiko Yamamoto’s designs capture that aesthetic beautifully and intriguingly,” said Nawal Motawi,…

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    Situated among a boreal garden, teaching pavilion, and sculptural mounds on the Seneca College campus in Toronto, Ontario, the Odeyto Indigenous Centre for students is an architectural and culturally inclusive embodiment of Indigenous lifeways both traditional and contemporary. The renovation and addition project, which was finished in 2018 and features 1,600 square-feet, functions as a new space for First Peoples@Seneca, and where First Nation, Metis, and Inuit students can gather and practice traditions, while also building new relationships when away from their communities. The conceptual form of a canoe takes shape in the curved, metal roof form that both shelters the entry and grows open to invite visitors. Against the…

  • '71 Barracuda Front End Facelift Concept," 1968, Donald Hood, American; crayon, gouache, ink, felt marker, prismacolor, pastel on vellum. Collection of Robert L. Edwards and Julie Hyde-Edwards.
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    Detroit style

    Between the mass production of accessible, timeless car designs, and the artistic innovation that pushed the automotive industry into each new age, Detroit’s influence on American car design, technology, and manufacturing has remained since the turn of the 20th century when Henry Ford touched down his Detroit Automobile Company and Charles Brady King test drove the first self-propelled carriage along Woodward Avenue, reaching speeds up to five miles per hour. In homage to this remarkable past, the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum, or DIA, is unveiling a special exhibition, “Detroit Style: Car Design in the Motor City, 1950-2020,” which will capture groundbreaking, artistic, and transitional moments in Detroit car design…

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    Abbreviated design

    In Grand Rapids, Michigan, the full-service architectural, interior, and product design firm Via Design Inc., whose work appears throughout the city’s commercial and residential sectors—and their many sub-categories—has added a new brand to its identity.  Since its establishment in 1989, the firm, which is headquartered downtown, has continually added services to its repertoire, including sustainable design, furniture procurement and design, and an expansive in-house architecture and interior design library featuring samples and resources compiled from around the world. Recently Via Design’s service offerings have been joined by Abbreviated Design, an online home décor shop curated by the firm’s own professional designers.  “[The brand] still has the same themes as Via,…

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    Great Lakes By Design: In Scene

    Contents: Design Corner Thea | the artistic and minimalist table designed by Versteel in collaboration with Roberto Lucci Epoxy tables | 
a series of custom coffee tables from repurposed, fallen beech and oak trees Design Spotlight Behind the camera | 
in conversation about craft with some of the photographers in the region Julia Auerbach Photography Ashley Avila Photography M-Buck Studio Form Beautifully designed | 
a Chicago-based interior designer who has paired artistic craft with business acumen as an entrepreneur with a deft eye for interior architecture The museum school 
| a former museum site in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan is transformed into an innovative public school concept The beachfront aerie |…

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    A royal renovation

    In Evanston, Illinois—a city defined by its tree-lined sidewalks and collection of homes—architecture is a diverse language. Beaux-Arts, Prairie, Italianate, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Queen Anne are dialects spoken across intersections and around block corners, passing down their stories through iconic massing, decorative ornamentation, gables, brick and stone, gently sloped rooflines, and the occasional tower or turret. In the renovation of this particular Queen Anne residence, a style known for its irregular roof shapes, bay windows, dramatic massing, and multiple gables and dormers, the homeowners envisioned a design respectful of the heritage in its walls and wove in dynamic elements reflective of their young family lifestyle. Once the home…