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Awarded motif

During the 2019 Hospitality Design Expo, or HP Expo, on May 16 to May 18, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brentano Inc.’s centerpiece fabric of the Sovereign collection was honored by the International Interior Design Association, or IIDA, with a Product Design, Textiles award. The fabric, known as Quill, was recognized for its color palette and historical inspiration.

The HD Expo is an annual tradeshow created by Hospitality Design magazine, where both international and national hotel chains are represented and is attended by some of the hospitality industry’s most influential designers, developers, purchasing firms, and ownership groups. This event combines the debut of many new innovative design products on the show floor, as well as networking events to build connections in the industry.

During its time being showcased at the event, Brentano’s Sovereign line displayed its sophisticated-inspired and refined textiles, which represent updated interpretations of time-honored designs and ideas, taking from the deeply intricate components of classic architecture.

Quill, the fabric piece at the center of the collection, features a beautiful array of vivid colors intertwined into the feathered textile’s wave-like pattern. It was the variation of colors and its historical inspiration that made the product stick out as a contender for, and eventually win, the Product Design Award.

At the 2019 Expo, Brentano’s whole display not only featured the awarded Sovereign collection, but also showcased a preview of the fall 2019 Clearwater Collection. One of the fabrics from the company’s booth was Lutra, a lush velvet textile made with solution dyed acrylic, which will be available in 19 colors when the collection releases.

Brentano has grown from the small fabric house with an initial eight textiles offered when it began in 1990 to an internationally renowned textile house known for its luxurious fabrics intended to enhance any space. Through the company’s consistent push of innovative design fabrics, as well as their ambitious leader, Founder and Artistic Director Iris Wang, Brentano has become a highly acclaimed, award-winning, Wheeling, Illinois-based company.

Text: Brenna Buckwald

Photo courtesy Brentano Inc.