Featured,  Print Edition

Great Lakes By Design: Bold Graphics



17 100 Years | Joel Stone, author and curator emeritus at the Detroit Historical Society, leads readers through the history and story behind the organization

18 Blue Tulum | a Minneapolis-based contemporary painter creates dream-like renderings of places in her exhibition series “After the End”

19 The Loon and Boundary Waters | the studio and fine artist offering creative services and popular prints transporting viewers into hyper-realistic scenes



42 Missing middle vernacular | an innovative and contextual multi-family rental building concept within a Minneapolis neighborhood pushing the envelope

63 Alchemy | the new collection by an Illinois-based design studio and international textile resource reflects a narrative grounded in the seemingly magical process of transformation

80 Reclaiming a narrative | the content production hub leveraging design as an evolving means to communicate and retell narratives of African culture



22 Enriched space | the innovative campus within a sprawling vertical neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario providing a shared social, educational, and community space to residents

46 Waterfront glassworks | the award-winning, full-service architecture and design firm delivering client-sensitive, forward-thinking projects from coast to coast and striking landscapes in between

68 The Dock 6 | the collective of independent designers, fabricators, and furniture-makers with a shared passion for design and craft, and for connecting with their local community



87 Community living room | a vital Toronto Public Library branch is reimagined as the core piece of social infrastructure it has served as for decades in an eye-catching, contextual design


27 Choreographed by design | the husband-and-wife-led team of kitchen designers, project managers, interior designers, and craftspeople realizing well-designed spaces for their clients

34 Comfort of home | an internationally recognized interior design studio reimagines the office space with a new level of comfort in this collaborative work environment

74 A new leaf | the designer behind the firm offering a range of in-house services and a collaborative and supportive environment for women industry professionals in the region




Choreographed by design, Pictured: Angela Goodall, Mike Goodall | Photography: Michael Poehlman


Alchemy, Andromeda in Boysenberry by Brentano Design Studio | Photography: Brentano Inc.