Kenneth C. Richmond, AIA

For Ken Richmond, AIA, founder, and partner at Ken Richmond, Architect in Traverse City, Michigan, a day in the life will often see him spending a certain amount of time interacting with clients and consultants, office time, and field time, and dealing with the process of building—which he pointed out is different than the end result.more


Kevin Montgomery, AIA, LEED GA

“A few years ago, I really decided to embrace the idea of you don’t know what you don’t know. Our job is something that the best of them are in their prime when they are in their final stage of their career, potentially, and it is because you can continue to master more and more of what goes into the building since there is so much to it,” said Kevin Montgomery, AIA, LEED GA, architect and partner at KrM Architecture+ in Indianapolis, Indiana.more


Nick Liebler, LEED AP

Nick Liebler, LEEP AP, architect, and partner at White & Liebler Architects in Petoskey, Michigan is inspired by the idea of craft in design. “You’re creating something that didn’t exist before, so the challenge of being able to take a given set of ideas and turn it into something tangible—that would be what is most exciting to me about design,” Liebler said. “It is just the opportunity to create something and use your imagination to develop something within a set of parameters.” more


Brent R. Dykstra, LEED AP

Brent Dykstra, LEED AP, senior architect and senior associate at AMDG Architects, Incorporated in Grand Rapids, Michigan knew he wanted to be an architect when he was about 12- or 13-years-old; although he didn’t completely know what it meant at the time.  more


Eric De Witt, AIA

“Design is not a thing you are either doing or not doing; it is just a part of who you are. It is not like a light switch that you can turn on or off: it is an approach to problem solving, it is an approach to life,” said Eric De Witt, AIA, architect and owner of Lucid Architecture in Zeeland, Michigan. more



Kevin Buccellato, AIA, NCARB

“My parents did a small addition when we were growing up. I was the youngest of three boys and I was always the one that would sit through the meetings with the architect,” said Kevin Buccellato, AIA, NCARB, architect and partner at Buccellato Design LLC in South Bend, Indiana. more


Sarah Bourgeois, AIA

Sarah Bourgeois, AIA, architect and owner of Sarah Bourgeois Architects in Traverse City, Michigan considers design as well-thought out, having proportion and scale, and a convergence of a lot of moving parts—but whether it is a good design or bad design, and what makes it so, is often in the eye of the beholder. more

Aimee P.C. Buccellato, LEED AP

Aimee P.C. Buccellato, LEED AP, partner at Buccellato Design LLC in Southbend, Indiana, and Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, was drawn to the beautiful and complex process of design and architecture early on in life. more


Garrick Landsberg, AIA, LEED AP

Garrick Landsberg, AIA, LEED AP, senior architect at Quinn Evans Architects in Detroit, Michigan, had a prolific and inspired, if not circuitous, path into the field of architecture and historic preservation. As a licensed architect, planner, and urban designer, Landsberg has an affinity for urban history and historic architecture—particularly that of Detroit, Michigan—and yet it was a passion courted slowly throughout his personal and professional life. more

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