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Design Corner: Work Tents

Steelcase Inc. recently introduced a new solution in flexibility and privacy, known as Steelcase Work Tents. The architectural space divider designed for the office environment delivers the comfort of the camping tent to the workplace. Created in collaboration with a world-class tent designer, Steelcase Work Tents are meant to bring a sense of spatial security and enclosure to commercial spaces, while promoting individualized focus and privacy.

The small, enclosed structures will be available in three versions and introduced to the market in three phases with the Boundary Tent currently available and the additional two versions, Table Tent and Pod Tent, launching in spring and summer 2021, respectively.

The Boundary Tent is available in a circular screen form of 54 or 66 inches in diameter, and in fabric colors Pink Lemonade, Comet, or Royal Blue, with contrasting accent hues from Steelcase’s Era fabric collection. A steel base supports the spheres, which can be placed around a workspace to create permeable boundaries for a touch of privacy. With a more traditional tent shape, the Table Tent offers an enclosed solution for the desk top, where intense individual work often takes place, shielding the user on three sides and overhead. The third option, the Pod Tent, is an almost fully enclosed structure in a light, organic shape and provides the most coverage in a retreat-like space.

Each Work Tent is a convenient solution for the workplace and offers an interesting interplay of light and shadow due to tent-like, sheer fabrics that mask light sources, while allowing them to glow outward.

Steelcase Inc. has been creating memorable and innovative services, technology products, and furnishings such as its new Work Tents for more than 108 years, on behalf of a variety of industries. Across its core brands, Steelcase and Coalesse, and the rest of its comprehensive portfolio, Steelcase strives to create products and experiences that support the act of work and help people reach their full potential.

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Photography: Steelcase Inc.