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    Wayne Visbeen, AIA, IIDA

    Owner, Principal | Visbeen Architects Inc. Grand Rapids, Michigan | Chicago, Illinois Wayne Visbeen, AIA, IIDA, owner and founding principal at Visbeen Architects Inc., is passionate about his craft, which shines through in his artful, real-time sketches as he combines his creative vision and technical skill to bring his clients’ dreams to reality. His dedication to delivering innovative solutions—both visually appealing and functionally efficient—drives him, and he finds inspiration in everything around him, from bridges and buildings to the natural environment. “I think what has happened in my life is that my vocation has become my vacation: design and development, design and travel, national and international travel. I take it…

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    Nicholas J. White, AIA, LEED AP

    Owner, Principal | N.J. White Associates Architecture & Planning Petoskey, Michigan It was nearly four decades ago when Nicholas J. White, AIA, LEED AP, owner and principal at N.J. White Associates Architecture & Planning, decided to establish his own firm in Petoskey, Michigan and create the art he had initially studied when an undergraduate in Ohio. “I was a Fine Arts Major at Ohio Wesleyan University and my mother said for me to learn a trade,” White said. “I always liked building things and had a pretty good eye for design, which is what took me into fine arts and ultimately decided I wanted to build fine art and become…

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    Volume 1, Issue 6: The Architects

    Photography by M Buck Studio Architects are often responsible for some of the world’s most striking and inspired structures in the built environment. As a field, it frequently requires a deft application of balanced artistry and mathematics, creativity and engineering, and aesthetics and functionality. Whether it takes winged form in innovative bridges, pedestrian walkways, civic and cultural buildings, commercial spaces, or custom residential estates, architecture has an ability to influence and inspire how people and communities live, work, interact, and experience. Great Lakes By Design had the opportunity of learning more about a few of the creative minds and talented hands who are practicing Architects in the Great Lakes Region, and spoke to them about…

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    Refined kinetics

    Within the nationally registered historic walls of the Federal Reserve Building in Detroit’s Financial District, a net has been cast; infusing a nearly 4,400-square-foot ground level space with an intentional design aesthetic capturing the more ethereal qualities of a modern sushi restaurant’s brand. Original text by: R.J. Weick Photos courtesy EE Berger Read more in the print edition

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    Outside the box

    Text: R.J. Weick Box Studios, an architecture and interior design firm based in Chicago and Denver, recently completed a re-design of Fairlife LLC’s unique workplace environment in an effort to update the space to meet their client’s current operational needs. As a young company at the time of initial design, Fairlife LLC was interested in an innovative and well-designed solution not only reflecting its culture and values of transparency and creativity, but also paid tribute to its agricultural background. Now a couple years after initial design, the company continues to tackle the challenge of integrating growing design trends and how people are working in its new renovation. “They have obviously…

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    Element of beauty

    It was only a few short years ago when the sights and sounds of bustling twentieth century summer life in Walloon Lake Village had faded to a distant memory. Time and consecutive years of declining tourism had all but muffled the vibrant melody of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad transporting eager guests from the sweltering heat to a northern destination escape that had once been the playground of literary icon Ernest Hemingway. Original text by: R.J. Weick Photos courtesy Walloon Hotel Read more in the print edition

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    American hardwood

    Text: R. Collins At the custom wood working studio known as Cento Anni, design, engineering, and manufacturing principles work in unison to create an efficient work process delivering elegant custom designed products. The studio often works with reclaimed hardwood items to make new products, which is mirrored in the studio itself. The Holland, Michigan facility had originally been uninhabited for 15 years before it was also reclaimed by its co-owners. Original text: R.J. Weick in Great Lakes By Design, volume 1, issue 1. Photos courtesy: Cento Anni    

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    Decoration and in Memoriam: Volume 1, Issue 3

    Design Corner Marsh grass | Urban-Diversions   Design Spotlight Singularly dynamic | performance and style in boat building (featured on cover) A sensory feast | Bourbons 72 delivers an experience as lavish as its menu Design execution, redefined | the museum of curious angles and contemporary art   Form Light and transparency | the artful interventions of an Indianapolis federal building Enduring sandstone | inspiring an appreciation for the American West through design Serenity, restored | recapturing delight and tranquility at the McGregor Memorial Conference Center and reflecting pool Upgrading an icon | the celebration and renovation of the Cranbrook Art Museum The dune house contemporary | the Visbeen Architects…

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    Sustainable preservation

    When walking up the path of the historic mansion at the Felt Estate Historic Home & Gardens, one can almost hear the 1920s roaring back to life thanks to a community-driven sustainable preservation and restoration initiative that began more than 15 years ago. The mansion, which was completed in 1928 on more than 750 acres of land near the Saugatuck Dunes State Park in Michigan, features more than 12,000 square-feet inspired by the classic design, symmetry, and decorative features of Georgian Classical Revival Style architecture. Original text by: R.J. Weick Photos courtesy: Felt Estate Read more in the print edition